Risk Management

At Severon, our team of risk experts provide comprehensive risk management services to the indutry

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Risk Management

Our team of experts provide comprehensive risk management services to identify, manage and mitigate project risk, as well as model the cost implications of remaining risks and uncertainties at each stage of the project life cycle. This process achieves the best possible balance between cost, time and quality to analyse and manage risk whilst delivering the superior outcome. Linking risks to value creation provides our clients with the indemnity they need.

Our approach to Risk Management is structured and disciplined, aligning strategy, processes, people, technology and knowledge to identify, assess and manage the uncertainties and potential risk events that enterprises face as they create value. Our risk management services reach beyond the traditional financial and insurable hazards  usually undertaken by consultants by pro-actively seeking to identify strategic, operational, commercial, reputation, compliance, information risks and more across an enterprise, business line, division, portfolio, program of works or an individual project.

Our risk management offerings include: