Power System Analysis

Power systems are serious business. You need serious professionals who can provide you with solid advise and recommendations to promote safety and to help ensure reliable and continuous power.

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Power System Analysis

Severon’s power system analysis provides customers with the information that uncovers their operation risks, helping them make the right decision when it comes to upgrading and managing their valuable power delivery assets.

As a Gold Partner of EasyPower International, Severon is endorsed as the preferred provider for power system analysis services across Australia and New Zealand. With a combined experience of over 100 years in power system analysis, we have the knowledge and experience required to address all of your power system analysis needs.

Severon’s analysis is used to support budgets, rates, regulatory requirements, as well as to support the operations, planning, maintenance and protection of electrical power systems. Our engineers utilize world-class software modelling tools including EasyPower®, ETAP® and SKM® along with proprietary in-house analytical and mapping tools.

We apply proven approaches that are technically sound and develop new concepts that require detailed engineering solutions, tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs. By seamlessly working with all stakeholders including field staff, engineers, non-technical senior management, board of directors, regulators, litigators as well as general public, we ensure that your risks are addressed in the most effective manner possible. All of this combined with our proficient skills in technical writing results in world-class engineering reports that are easy to follow and apply.

Power System Analytical Studies

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