Severon is a leading provider of power engineering services and products to industrial power users, equipment manufacturers and contractors.

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Our leading industry specialists help clients on projects of enduring value. Severon’s strengths are in the use of our knowledge of technology and project delivery to deliver a competitive edge for our clients as they strive to provide sustainable solutions in developing and mature markets alike.

Our comprehensive range of capabilities includes:

From conventional carbon-based technologies and co generation facilities to renewable energy sources – You can implement new ideas and harness high operational efficiencies with Severon.

Access advice on a broad range of power generation and delivery technology across areas such as:

  • Planning and development of Transmission and Distribution networks including power lines and substations
  • Conventional fossil fuel firing in thermal power plants (e.g. coal-fired plants, CCGTs and co generation)
  • Renewable energy (hydroelectric, tidal, wind, geothermal, solar and biomass)
  • Emerging ‘green’ technologies such as integrated gasification combined cycle

We help customers in the power industry tackle a complex challenges of the future.

As the world’s population grows and our standards of living improve so does our need to manage our water resources. At Severon, we provide sustainable, cost-effective and innovative electrical solutions to the water industry, enabling our clients to meet compliance, improve profitability and maintain their commitment to sustainability.

By continually pushing the boundaries of innovation through enhancing existing systems and strategies, evaluating new procedures and technology from other industries into the water industry, we work with our customers throughout their asset life cycle.

As a result Severon has delivered significant projects in the water industry. Examples include the Sydney desalination plant at Kurnell, waste water treatment plants at Malabar, Bondi and Glenfield NSW and various water pumping stations owned and operated by Sydney Water. Every project that we have delivered is important to us and our clients and we at Severon pride ourselves in efficient and effective delivery of every commission – large or small.

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The energy & resources sectors have enhanced the economic development and social progress of the modern world. Issues such as increasing demand for resources and energy, production optimization, energy efficiency and sustainability are shaping the future in all industries. At Severon we are committed to help you meet your challenges and achieve your goals, while balancing economic, social and sustainable requirements inherent with operating in today’s business environment.

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From concept through to mine closure, our mission is to be recognized by our customers as safety conscious, competent, committed and reliable. We work hard at listening to and understanding our customers requirements and strive to deliver solutions that deliver measurable value to their operations.

Whether mining coal, iron ore, copper, nickel, gold, uranium, rare earths or other minerals, open cut or underground, we offer an extensive breadth of knowledge, depth of experience and the right people to successfully deliver every project in time and on budget.

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We work closely with our oil & gas customers, to identify solutions that are economical viable and sustainable to achieve successful realization of both greenfield and brownfield developments.

We have the capability to meet your project needs in area including:

  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals
  • Production, Processing and Refining facilities
  • Transmission Systems including pipes and pumping stations
  • CSG, GTL, CTL and LNG

Whether you are an existing asset owner, a network company or major industrial customer, we offer you an extensive breadth of knowledge, depth of experience and the right mix of people to put you on the path to success. As a professional services company, our reputation is paramount – we are proud of our track record.

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