Energy Management

We believe that energy efficiency can be a positive way to reduce costs and drive profitability, allowing us to help our customers be successful and highly competitive.

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Energy Management

Increasing electricity tariffs and heightened public awareness of the environmental impacts of carbon emissions have brought energy efficiency in prime focus of industries worldwide. With a clear game plan, a data-driven approach, and the right tools and knowledge, you can gain actionable insights into your energy usage that will ultimately increase the energy efficiency of your facility.

An effective Energy Management Program (EMP) can deliver immediate financial, operational and environmental benefits through:

Severon helps businesses achieve their energy management goals through a range of energy management consultancy services. Here are just a few services that have helped customers Go Green with Severon.

For more information on any of our services, please email A Severon representative will assist you with your enquiry related to any of the above services.

Energy Auditing

Energy auditing is your organisations the first step towards implementing a successful and effective energy management program. Severon conducts all levels of energy auditing in accordance with AS-3589 as well as international best practices in energy management.


Level 1 Audit

A Level 1 Energy Audit is a desktop study of the customer’s energy data which evaluates the overall energy consumption of the facility and identifies potential opportunities for energy savings. It also provides an initial benchmark so that future efficiency measures can be tracked and evaluated.

A Level 1 audit includes:

  • Assessment of energy consumption
  • Internal benchmarking
  • Potential efficiency opportunities
  • Key findings and recommendations

Level 2 Energy Audit

Level 2 Audit

A Level 2 Energy Audit provides a more detailed study of the facility’s energy consumption compared to a level 1 audit. A financial case for the proposed recommendations is also presented as a part of the audit which often forms the justification for small to medium scale financial investment in site upgrades.

A Level 2 audit includes:

  • On-site inspection
  • Monitoring of plant
  • Reconciliation of consumption
  • Projected financial returns


Level 3 Audit

A Level 3 Audit goes beyond a Level 2 Audit by requiring a more precise level of energy consumption monitoring and a more involved economic analysis of the recommended measures. This level of audit often forms the justification for substantial financial investment in specific site upgrades.

A Level 3 audit includes:

  • Detailed analysis of energy usage
  • Cost of achieving energy savings
  • Local metering and data logging
  • Detailed business case

Energy Management Program Implementation

An Energy Management Program (EMP) creates a systematic approach towards identifying energy bill reduction opportunities, prioritizing initiatives, implementing initiatives and monitoring results.

Energy Management Program Implementation

As set out in the Australian Standard for energy auditing the implementation of a functioning EMP involves:

Severon assists customers with each step in their energy management endeavors, from drafting formalized energy management policies through to implementation of all efficiency initiatives. Our specialist team is experienced in implementing audit report findings and following up measurements to show the effectiveness of the investment.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor CorrectionPower factor is an indirect measure of how efficiently electricity is consumed.

Several network service providers have minimum standards for power factor, with special tariffs for business customers to help influence efficiency.

For the larger customer, this type of tariff is usually called time of use demand (TOU) tariff. It contains incentives to use electricity at certain times of the day. It also contains a demand charge, which is in place to ensure that larger users maintain a certain level of power factor.

Analyzing and correcting your site’s power factor can lead to significant savings on your yearly electricity bill and also assist in reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

Data Logging & Monitoring

Power Factor CorrectionMany clients cannot have their energy management practices audited properly without data logging or measurement. Asset owners are often unaware of the major causes of energy wastage or supply disturbances within their facilities.

Our specialist team has a comprehensive range of load logging and measurement services that enable customers pin point problem and validate documentation. These include:

Demand Management

Severon’s demand management services have helped customers develop and analyze their sites’ load profiles and electricity consumption patterns, presenting them with opportunities that have facilitated cost reduction related to the maximum demand charges imposed by the supply authorities.

Demand Management