With easy and recognizable functions common to all Windows programs, EasyPower® makes power system analysis intuitive, not specialized.

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What is EasyPower® ?

EasyPower® is a powerful Windows® based power systems software that has helped asset owners and consultants design, analyse and monitor electrical power systems since 1980s. Its exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly interface has transformed the ability to learn and complete tasks giving you amplified throughput. With easy and recognizable functions common to all Windows programs, EasyPower makes power system analysis intuitive, not specialized.

Our integrated smart features help you get fast, hassle-free, access to power systems analysis without extensive training. You can now perform power system studies up to three times faster compared to other software programs. With the fastest processing speed in the market, EasyPower delivers instantaneous yet accurate results, helping you make informed decisions every time.

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EasyPower® – Module Options

Build your own software package by selecting from the following of powerful options:

Standard Inclusions 

Regardless of your software configuration , you will benefit from our standard inclusions at no additional cost.

Integrated One-Line

Build comprehensive single-line diagrams with exclusive and intuitive snap-and-drag technology.


Model and analyse multiple power system scenarios in order to simulate the real time conditions.


Seamlessly export data to MS Word, Excel and all CAD programs using a single mouse click.

MCC & Panel Schedules

Log and analyse motor control centers and panel data in a familiar excel spreadsheet format.


Verify equipment duty compliace to IEC standards while highlighting problem areas on the SLD.


Dynamically study switching conditions on the single line diagram (SLD) using a single mouse click.

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