Arc Flash Solutions

The dangers associated with arc flash in electrical equipment are well recognised and understood in industry across the world. Severon offers solutions that will help you quantify and manage potentially dangerous levels of arc flash energy.

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Arc Flash Solutions

An Arc-Flash is a result of an unexpected and sudden release of heat and light energy, produced by electricity due to an accidental contact between live conductors. The arcing current continues to flow through the arc until either the upstream overcurrent protective device operates or some other event causes the current to stop flowing. Personnel directly exposed to the arc flash may be subjected to third degree burns, possible blindness, shock, blast effects and hearing loss. Even relatively trivial arc flash events have the potential to cause severe injuries.

In the absence of a local standard to deal with the issue, the NFPA-70E (a North American Standard) has become the de facto standard in Australia for quantifying energies associated with arcing faults and establishing minimum requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE). Recent developments in the local industry indicate our resolve in embracing the principals of arc flash hazard management as defined within NFPA-70E framework.

The recent revision of AS 3007:2013 – has mandated that “labels and signs be provided to clearly define arc flash energy levels and to advise that personnel protective equipment is required when performing any work in the proximity of switchgear”.

Severon is committed to help you achieve the highest safety standards. That is why we offer you cutting edge arc flash tools and unparalleled services and resources to help you achieve and maintain high levels of electrical safety at your workplace.




Hierarchy of Hazard Control

Severon can not only help you comply but also assist you in achieving robust safety through applying appropriate controls in line with the recognised exposure control practices (also known as the hierarchy of hazard control).

Our arc flash experts tailor the right combination of solutions that enable you to mitigate arc flash hazards. Some of these solutions include:





Commonly Employed Arc Flash Mitigation Methodologies


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